Coupons Can Save You A Great Deal Of Money

Bruce HeenI came across a recent article on Examiner that talked about people who become obsessed with saving money at the grocery store. A person who develops this obsession usually cuts costs by finding coupons for local grocery stores in Sunday circulars.

Mary Potter Kenyon is what some might call an ‘extreme couponer.’ She will spend days collecting hundreds if not thousands of coupons that she uses at the grocery store. The amount of money that she saves is crazy and can really help off set her expenses. Think about if you had a $300 dollar weekly grocery bill for a family of five. What if you could cut that to only $150 dollars or less? If you have the time and patients, using coupons can help you reach that goal and you might surprise yourself by how much you can really save. Mary recently put out a book that talks about her obsession and provides insights into how you could save money too.

The channel TLC has a television show called “Extreme Couponing” that depicts people and families who participate in these massive shopping sprees with the help of coupons. In some of these extreme cases, people will spend as much as a thousand dollars but will only end up paying $50 dollars because they apply coupons to the purchases. For some of these people it seems like it is thrilling to see how much they are able to save compared to what they would have spent without the coupons. A lot of these people also stockpile abundant amounts of food in their homes and continue to watch their piles grow.

Using coupons can be a great resource for those who are looking to save some extra money at the grocery store. Taking the time to see what you need and if you can apply savings can really help cut down on your monthly expenses.