About Bruce Heen

Bruce HeenBruce Heen

Bruce Heen has more than 30 years of expertise in the insurance accounting field, working with Gaap financial reporting, Statutory accounting, budgeting, reinsurance and corporate tax. Bruce Heen is a Certified Public Accounting, receiving his CPA certificate from the state of Wisconsin in 1982. Bruce Heen has retained many positions in the accounting field since 1980 and has comprehensive knowledge with coinsurance and assumption reinsurance. Gaap and Statutory financial reporting has been a huge share of Bruce Heen’s career and has worked most extensively in Life insurance but he also has Property and Casualty background.

Bruce Heen, Financial and Budgeting Services Volunteer

Bruce Heen is not only a professional accountant, but he also volunteers his time to help families with financial and budgeting services. His mission is to help people maintain financial common sense in today’s economy, while aiding them in garnering their future ambitions. He speaks openly with his clients to find an understanding of their desires. Bruce Heen is committed to a high standard of achievement and professionalism.

Even though Bruce Heen provides his services on a volunteer level, he still manages to give each of his clients the same amount of attention, delivering a service that remains on the cutting edge of cash flow and financial trends. Bruce Heen continues to be well-informed and remains adapt to the continually changing world of budgets and accounting services.

Bruce Heen believes personal and family budgets are vital to great, fruitful financial well being. This in turn makes the many other things in your life easier such as saving for retirement, having fun on family vacations and keeping money on hand for surprising expenses that always seem to pop up out of nowhere.

Bruce Heen does he volunteer work through his church, Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church. He does not give any investment advice nor does he do any individual or corporate tax work. Bruce Likes to focus on assisting individuals and couples with cash flow problems.  He also helps them develop monthly and annual expense budgets.

Easy Budgeting Tips

1. Compare different auto insurance companies to get the best rate.

2. Bundle auto and home insurance with the same insurance company.

3. Buy used cars instead of new.

4. Bundle together cable, internet and phone services.

5. Buy food/paper products on sale and store them in basement/garage, always use a list for grocery and clothes shopping and keep your house in good repair.